New Rigging and more......

I am changing all the standing rigging to 3/8 inch wire and using Hi-Mod fittings on the lower ends of the wire. For the upper ends I will most likely hand splice the eyes into the wire.

This section also includes work on the bow-sprit and anchor rollers.

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Masts, rigging and bow-sprit mods


The masts looked pretty bad when we bought Flying Cloud.
So I had both masts and booms, the boom gallows and the bow-sprit sand-blasted to remove all the old and nasty paint. In doing this I discovered some areas of corrosion that the old paint was hiding. With the help of a local welder, repairs were made where needed.
A new mast step was needed on the main mast. I contacted the original supplier and never received an answer, so I am having a custom step made for both masts.
The following pics will bounce around from one part of this job to another as the work is ongoing and simultaneous.

Flying Cloud originally had furling sails all the way around. I am not a big fan when it comes to furling of any kind. Even though Teri talked me into putting a roller furller on the jib. So far the jury is out on whether I will keep that arrangement or not.
When I bought all new sails I removed all of the old furling gear and sold it on Ebay. This left a ton of holes in the masts and booms. So as I begin working on the spars, I am filling all the holes as I go.


Here our friend Mark is doing a first class job of sanding out the pits left from the sand-blasting job.

As soon as Mark finishes sanding, I apply a coat of zinc chromate.
This is followed by 4 coats of Awlgrip 545 primer.
The spars are then sanded and painted with Awlgrip Cloud White


The bowsprit  was sand-blasted at the same time as the spars. I am making a complete change in regards to the anchor rollers. We now carry a 60lb CQR on the main anchor roller and a 44lb claw as the second anchor. So larger rollers (bronze) had to be located and the bowsprit modified to carry them.
In addition there are navigation lights mounted on the pulpit and the wiring runs thru the bowsprit and up inside one of the pulpit tubes.
I am also making a wash down system that stays on the sprit. I ran a piece of stainless 1/2 inch tubing along the underside and placed a spray nozzle that is aimed right at the anchor chain.
I have a switch located in the cockpit that raises/lowers the anchor. Then there is another switch next to that one that turns on the wash-down pump that sprays water (saltwater) down the anchor chain as it is retrieved. This generally does a good job of cleaning the chain and the anchor as it is raised.


Setting up the bow-sprit and making patterns for the new anchor rollers.

Rebuilt, painted, new anchor rollers and teak decking.
I placed a better pulpit seat on the forward end for watching dolphins.

The 60 pound CGR anchor fits in the port roller and locks in place with a stainless pin. This anchor is connected to 350 feet of 3/8 inch BBB chain.

On the starboard is the roller for the 44 pound claw anchor. It is connected to 120 feet of 3/8 BBB chain and 300 feet of 5/8 inch three strand nylon rode.
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