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     Photos of work done in Mexico on Flying Cloud
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Back yard work area


This is a collection of photos that are categorized by subject/content that may be helpful for anyone working on a boat re-build or considering taking on a project of that nature. (links are near bottom of page)
Many of these pages have my opinions on how I do various things on boats in the yard or at sea.
As is always the case, sailors are very opinionated and that certainly includes myself. However, I am fortunate to have spent a number of years cruising in three different boats and so I base my opinions on my experience as well as what I have observed other serious cruisers doing.

Although we are now into our fourth year of this project (January 2012) not all of that time was spent working on our boat.
As we all know, Life has a way of taking you places you least expect.
Health issues, family issues and financial issues all have a way of diverting you from your goal.
Building or rebuilding a boat can be very frustrating and it is easy to become side-tracked by other, more rewarding paths. I know this is the reason we see so many very nice boats sitting in yards unfinished. The time, the money and in many instances, the lack of immediate gratification after accomplishing one phase, then looking at the huge lists of yet more ongoing work of which seems so monumental and frustrating becomes too overwhelming.

As of the posting of this web page, I am fortunate to be able to call this project 'my full time job'. I spend seven to eight hours a day, five to six days a week, working on nothing but Flying Cloud. For the last eight months or so, I have been working toward freeing myself of other jobs or projects that keep me away from Flying Cloud.
During the last four years, she has never been out of our thoughts for going cruising. So while still earning a living we started collecting most of what we needed to put the boat in the condition we wanted. We stock-piled gear, sails, paint, resins and cloth, lumber and just about anything we anticipated would be needed. I did not want to stop working on her in order to earn enough money to purchase what we need.

We are finally there and can see the light at the end of this very long tunnel.
I might mention too, that Flying Cloud IS our home and will be for many years to come. She is not just a toy to us. She is our home and magic carpet that can take us anywhere we decide to go. So we want to make her exactly the way we want in hopes she will not need a lot of attention for a few years.

The following links will take you to various phases of this monumental project.


Working on her in Mazatlan  
This section is where we repower and take advantage of some local talent for other projects. New stainless galley and complete engine room clean-up.
Making access to the engine room thru the cockpit floor.
The cockpit had to be opened up to remove the engine
Replacing the cabin windows  
We took a different approach to the windows and/or storm covers
Re-doing the bottom..
Blisters, blisters and over 30 years of repairs.
Painting Flying Cloud  
Doing an AwlGrip paint job on Flying Cloud
Updated September 8, 2013
Building a Westport Dinghy
Two attempts at getting the right dinghy to fit Flying Cloud.
Replacing the rusted out mast support
The original steel mast step had completely dissolved into a pile of rust
 V-berth, chain locker, bow thruster and Forward Head
Added a bunk above the v-berth for the grandkids. The bow-thruster will be very handy in tight quarters
Mods to Main Salon.....
New table design, overhead storage, more storage under floor and new hardwood flooring. Solid fuel "Tiny Tot" heater.

Galley upgrades 
New all stainless galley top. Addition of bar/island with fridge and more storage
 Pilot House and Sea Hood
Added a sea-hood sort of compartment for all deck storage forward of the cockpit
 Aft Cabin Interior
Solid fuel heater, added storage and complete re-do of the aft head.

Updated September 8, 2013
Aft Cabin Exterior Storage
A place for everything on deck atop the aft cabin. Propane locker and spare anchor storage
Main Cabin Ceiling and storage
Overhead storage for cabin doors, drop boards and bug screens.
Plus.. insulation


Updated September 8, 2013
Rigging - Spars and Bowsprit
All standing rigging is replaced. The bowsprit was removed and new anchor system install along with teak grate

Hull/Deck Joint and new cap rails
Deck joint was redone and reinforced. Then the bulwarks were raised 3 inches higher. A double plank wale-strake and rub rail added and new cover boards.
 Fore Hatch Mods
Removed the old Lexan center, added teak (non-skid) and installed two opening hatches.
Work for our customers. 
Other boats we have worked on. Painting, repair and graphics
Repainting a boat
Tips on how to paint a boat. Preparation, glass repairs, primers, top coats and application

Updated March 7, 2014

New Chain-Plates and rigging
A different approach to chain-plates for the here







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