In addition to Flying Cloud we also have an old version (1978) Sea Ray sport-fishing boat named "Shortdog" that we have been doing a complete rebuild and upgrade at the same time as Flying Cloud.

 There  are other photo/links to projects that I have done including the construction of my "Lyle Hess, Bristol Channel Cutter" (Solita) that I built in nine months and cruised for many wonderful miles.

There are also other toys that I built, restored, etc.

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"Solita" ....was pure sail. No engine, electrical system, just wind and water.
The BCC is such a remarkable boat for two people to do extended cruising. Ironically,
my Freeport 41 has many of the same characteristics. But a lot more comfort and GOODIES!

Note the back stay windvane.....Click image to enlarge or go to link


1978 Sea Ray, "Shortdog".

The work on this boat was put on hold after I purchased "Flying Cloud".  But I have
managed to squeeze in some time to work on it between the work on Flying Cloud.
Once Flying Cloud is launched, I'll finish this one before going cruising.

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"Magnum Force"    In my younger years I enjoyed some adrenalin rushes with toys like this.

This was a "Sanger Picklefork" Hydro. I built this boat in 1974 and raced for one season
and then took it on the West Coast show circuit. Twenty three shows and twenty three wins. Racing was not so successful since I never got over 182mph.
Click here for more info and pics......this was one of three drag boats I raced and placed in shows.



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32 Ford 3 window coupe

I started this project when I was sixteen and finished when I was twenty.
Pic on right is what I started with.


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Another one of my wild machines.


1969 Harley Sportster.



"IOLANTHE" a Herrshoff Rozinante double ended canoe yawl built in 1952.

I bought her thru a lien sale and planned to do a complete restore. But the timing was
wrong so I sold her to a fellow in Canada that was a true expert at restoring these boats.



"Hideaway"  1972 Ericson 27. We purchased this boat when it needed a fair amount of work.
A few engine repairs, bottom strip and complete AwlGrip paint on hull, deck, cabin and cockpit we sailed
her for a short time while we worked on Flying Cloud. We sold her after I took a bad fall from 12 feet up,
landing head-first. That took fourteen months to recover from.
She now lives in Old Saybrook, CT.


1978 "Alaskan" camper.

These are really cool slide-in campers. They are called "pop-up" campers because the upper half of
the camper raises and lowers for better road service.
The main difference between the Alaskan and other pop-up campers, is that the Alaskan has "hard sides". Meaning there are solid panels that fill the opening when the camper is raised. All other pop-up campers
have cloth sides.

These are also known for their nice wood interiors. However, they are becoming scarce.
We found this one near Aspen Colorado. It was so ugly I almost walked away. Click on the photo below
for more pics.

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