The Freeport 41 has something like seven foot plus headroom in the main cabin.

I started thinking about how I could make use of this area while installing a lot of insulation at the same time.
With Flying Cloud having two companionways. One for the main cabin and one for the aft cabin all of which have opening doors, storm drop-boards and mosquito screened doors, it makes for a lot of loose stuff that is very difficult to store.

So, I came up with the idea on this page...


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I was planning to add some beams or some kind of support to the cabin house roof because I had noticed that when I walked on top it seemed to flex a little bit.

So I decided to make the ceiling lower (still has 6' 3" headroom) and use plywood frames to help stiffen the roof while making storage for all the companion doors, drop-boards and bug screens. At the same time I am doing two inches of insulation.

The photo on the left shows how one set of doors will rest in the storage area.

Note the butterfly hatch box in the background. All of the cabin top supports match up with all the sea-hood frames outside the cabin. The deck no longer flexes when I walk on it.

The plywood is nothing more than a piece of 1/2 inch plywood. This would not have much strength on its own. But once glassed into place and completely covered with glass mat, it is bulletproof.

The interior support frames line up pretty close to the sea-hood frames on the outside. This gives tremendous strength to the cabin top.



For more details on the work on the outside top of the cabin, follow this link.......more

The ceiling panels all fitted and waiting for the final trim. Nearly all of the area above these panels is storage for all the doors and drop boards for both companion way entrances.
The solid fuel stove pipe passes thru the ceiling to the smoke stack outside.

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