Links that we have found useful.



Groups and Forums & Suppliers Link
Aeriolite Boats Yahoo Group Light weight small boats and dinghy's


Aerolite Boats Kits and PlansWestport Dinghy 8 with MonoKote finish Web Page


Stasha Dinghy
Stasha hovering
Worlds lightest nesting dinghy. Downloadable Plans


US Plastics
Lexan, Acrylic, Polyethylene and more
Excellent source for all sorts of plastics. They sell a product called "Sea Board" which is virtually the same product as Star Board, but less expensive


Freeport 41 Yahoo Group Group


Marine Parts Depot Very nice stainless hardware at reasonable prices


Copper Coat Long lasting bottom paint . 99% copper
Rigging Only Excellent source for rigging.
Sailboat Stuff If you liked ABI equipment, before they went bankrupt, this link has replaced all the original ABI stuff
Great Supplier of mosquito and No-See-ums netting
Web Link
Dewey Supply, Corpus Christi, TX Carries a wide variety of epoxies. Also has a wonderful epoxy for water tank and diesel tank repairs.
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