The main salon on the Freeport 41 is quite large.

After living aboard and cruising the boat for some time, we really came up with some ideas for practical changes.

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While in Mazatlan Mexico we found a real craftsman that worked in stainless steel building commercial kitchens. He wanted to see what it would be like to build a stainless galley in a boat.

This is the result





We have used this galley for 6 years now and it still looks the same

But while doing the big refit in Texas, we decided to improve on the galley. The Norcold refrigerator gave up on us our first month in the Sea of Cortez. It took nearly a year to get the one month old unit repaired under warranty.
So I decided to do two things to the galley in upgrades.
I removed the Norcold and bought two Engle M-40's that are top loading.

One would be placed in the area where the Norcold used to be and another would be installed in an "island" type counter that is an extension of the galley.
The first unit will be a freezer and the second a refrigerator. If one fails, we can fall back on the other without loosing our food as we did in Baja.


The rough addition to the galley. This "island" counter will add the refer unit, a pull-out drawer for cutlery and a tilt out trash container. The tilt-out is the perfect size for a trash compacter if we ever decide to give up cruising and live dockside.

 The counter top on the island matches the Counter on the freezer top. This is "Bluegum" wood. Saturated with epoxy and clear coated with spar varnish




This photo shows the two Engle units as they are installed. The forward unit will be a freezer and the aft unit will be the refrigerator.


Trash Container

Tiny Tot solid fuel heater in main salon.

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