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Captains medical chest and other tips for medical situations.
Life Raft/Dinghy




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 Captain's Medical Chest..
This is a "Must Have" on any boat. The book covers just about any medical emergency you might encounter.
 Wound Management
 Dengue Fever
 Medical Help in Spanish
 Medicines and Usage
 Misc. Malady Remedies
 Suggested Medical Supplies
 Life Raft and abandon Ship Bag
 Aloe Vera - Fact or Fiction
 Water Flooding Rate
 Dinghy Liferaft
 I apologize for the way this article is listed page by page. But it is well worth downloading each page.
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 Page  4
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 Page  8
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 Page  10
 Water Treatment:

Healthy Cruisers Guide to Chlorine Water Treatment

Water Treatment - Watermaker Store


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