Here are a couple handy little items you can download free.
Maybe they will be helpful


This very short little booklet (26 pages) will have you finding your location anywhere on the globe in about 30 minutes if you have a current Nautical Almanac and a good time piece or radio to get time signals.
By Arthur Piver....Out of Print

Don't bother with all that math and theory on celestial navigation. Just follow this simple guide.

 How to "Heave-To".

A  sailors most important safety tactic.
In heavy weather or just want to stop the boat and rest for a while. This maneuver should be practiced by every cruising sailor before you actually need it.


Here is a simple drawing depicting how to make your own watermaker. The unit laid out here will make about 150 gallons per day. Nearly all cruisers can afford to build this one no matter what your budget.

Lazy Jacks
After forty years of cruising, I have them figured out pretty well. Here is how I do it.

 Jordon Series Drogue
This is the ONLY drogue ever approved by the U.S. Coast Guard. They really can save your butt.
This document explains all you need to know. You can build your own or, contact and they will sell you a kit to put together.

Build a Trim Tab Windvane
 If your rudder is mounted on the transom, you can build this windvane for a few hundred dollars.

Cruising Guides...
  in .ZIP and .PDF formats

Dominican Republic Guide

 Haiti Guide

 Jamaican Guide

 Cayman Islands Guide

 Trinidad Guide

 Dominica Guide

 Thinking Mans Guide

 Not sure how current or valuable these are. But check them out and see if you can use them
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