This is a 1978, 14 foot slide-in, Alaskan Pop-up Camper.

We wanted one of these for years. Not a new one. We wanted an older model because of the quality interiors of that era.

We found it. But it too needed a lot of work.

Here it is after all the work. The top is raised up and I just spent the night in a roadside rest area in Louisianna.

Here it is in a shed in Woody Creek, CO. I almost didn't buy it i was so disappointed when I saw it.
We jacked it up, placed wood blocks under it, pulled it forward a foot od two and then repeated the process until it was out of the shed.

The beast sitting on the truck. It was so ugly.


But a few months later it was looking pretty good.....

The top is raised up and the folding solid panels will lock into place to give a fully enclosed unit

Side panels up and we are warm and cozy. Took almost three minutes to do it all.

There were a couple issues regarding fitting the camper to our truck.
This is a 1978 camper and around the mid 90's Ford raised the height of the truck cab about three inches.
This requires a platform to be built under the camper to raise it up enough.

Our truck also is a dually. So special jacks had to be made to fit around the rear wheels. Note the square tube for the longer jack.

Our truck also has a 100 gallon auxiliary fuel tank that I did not want to lose. So we moved the camper back about a foot and made an enclosed cabinet where the water tank (40 gallons), propane tank and battery are locked away.

After the repairs/mods we did an AwlGrip poaint job and she looks pretty good.

The interior took more work than expected (just like a boat) but came out pretty well.
Added 3-way refrigeration, some nice roof vents, hardwood floor, tinted windows and a memory foam mattress and its ready to go.














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