The main salon on the Freeport 41 is quite large.

After living aboard and cruising the boat for some time, we really came up with some ideas for practical changes.


With the main cabin having about seven foot headroom as well as the cabin top doing some flexing like the foredeck, I decided to install some support panels. These lowered the headroom to about 6' 2" and added tremendous strength to the cabin top.

Once these supports are installed and glassed in place, the space will be used for storing the companion way doors, drop boards and bug screens. It will also allow for about 3 inches of insulation.

I will also be installing some "Hershoff" style hatches in the cabin top.




In this set of pics I am laying out the new and larger sea-hood that will terminate at the front of the pilot house.

Eventually this new sea-hood will offer a lot of on-deck storage as well as reinforce the cabin ceiling which would flex a little when I walked on it.

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